The village is located at the mouth of the river Vestre Jakobselv, from which the village gets its name. The river runs through birch forests from the high tundra of the Varangerhalvøya national park. The waters here are among the best in Norway for salmon fishing. This picturesque village is one of the last northerly places where the birch forests survive. It is a good place to find Hawk Owls, Three-toed Woodpeckers and Arctic Redpoll. Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers are also seen regularly. In spring and autumn migration, the shallow river and sand banks are very good places to see Bean and Greylag Geese but it can also be a good place to find White-fronted and Pink-footed Geese.

The road on both sides of the river will take you several kilometers into the tundra - the eastern one will take you the furthest. From a parking area at the end of the road you can take a wolk into the Varangerhalvøya Nationalpark.

Further up the Valley can be a beautiful walk but also a good place to find passerines. The river delta viewpoint of Vestre Jakobselv gives you a great overview of the area, but also good to look for gulls and ducks. The road out of the village is a good place to scan from the car across the fields in search of grazing geese and hunting Short-eared Owls.