A 200 page guide book to the world´s finest arctic birding destination


    •    30 maps of all the best bird sites in Pasvik and Varanger, from region overview maps to detailed site maps
    •    Aerial panorama photos of all key sites from Øvre Pasvik in the south to Berlevåg in the north
    •    100 quality photos of all the key bird species in Varanger
    •    All bird names in text are in both English and Norwegian
    •    Descriptions of where and when to find birds, and all of the best bird sites in Varanger
    •    Complete check list of all birds ever seen in Varanger (in English, Latin, Norwegian, Sámi and German)
    •    This guide will help you find the best birds and most exciting sites in Varanger!


298 Kr (Norwegian Kroner)  =  30.91 Euro  =  26.93 GPB  =  38.23 USD
(International shipping cost is 90 Kr  =  9,34 Euro  =  8.13 GBP =  11.55 USD)

298,00 kr


The guide book has by December 2018 sold over 3000 copies to over 50 countries worldwide! Thank you for getting your copy of the book. It supports our efforts in Varanger and in developing a pro nature office!

BIRDING VARANGER - The 1000 sold books video blog from summer 2016! 

BIRDING VARANGER - 2000 copies sold! A video blog from December 2016: Winter view over Vardø island from the north + a few words on our guide book reaching sales of 2000 copies to over 40 countries. Thanks all!