The northern part of the Varanger Peninsula can be reached from the road from Tana, which takes you to Båtsfjord via the high tundra. In winter and early spring this is a deep snowy wilderness, covering even the tops of some cabins. Only predators like Wolverine, Arctic Fox, Snowy Owl ans Gyrfalcon survive these conditions. In May, the high tundra comes alive as breeding waders and wildfowl make their return.

The Tana River Delta and Austertana are definitely among the great locations for birding in Varanger, especially the road from Tana Bru to Austertana. The steep cliffs along the road may hold Gyrfalcon and Peregrine, while Brambling and Ring Ouzel breed on the slopes of the river valley. The whole area is also a great place to look out for Hawk Owl. In summer, Common Seal gather on the sandbars at the river mouth to give birth, lots of Goosander can also be seen at this time, resting on the sandbars and islands during the flightless period of their moult. This site is actually of national importance to the northern Scandinavian Goosander population. Likewise, White-tailed Eagles can be seen in any month, but it is in winter and spring when large concentrations occur on the delta shore and on sandbars, feeding on carrion and fishing in the river. A variety of waders use the river delta on migration, particularly at tidal areas around the mouth and at Høyholmen.