From the beginning, Biotope has been working to improve our knowledge of the birds of Varanger by conducting various survey work. What we register and describe is used to support local travel / tourism companies and inform and promote further research and nature conservation work in the region. The survey work we do comes in various guises, from bird ringing (which is outline here), to the annual Varangerfjord bird count which we have done every March since. 

Varanger bird count:

Each March since 2011 we have done the annual seabird count of the Varangerfjord, the data we collect contributes toward a long term record of bird populations in Varanger. 

The annual Varanger Fjord bird count. Visiting sites like Vardø, Skallelv, Vadsø, Vestre Jakobselv, Nesseby and Hornøya. 

Pasvik breeding-bird survey: 

In June 2015 we conducted a survey of breeding birds in Pasvik, this PDF explains our findings.