The high tundra of Varanger covers almost the whole peninsula, with a very rich birdlife. A visit there in summer can bring about 150 different bird species. But not only the birdlife there makes it so attractive to visit. The high tundra landscape with the green fields and hills on the coast turning intro a gravel desert the further you go into the centre of the peninsula is an amazing spectacle in itself. The vast rolling mountains can be reached both by car or by foot.


Almost 70 % of the Varanger Peninsula is designated as the Varanger Peninsula National Park. It covers large areas of the central peninsula. It is also worth noting that in Varanger being inside or outside the national park makes little difference for the quality of the birding or the nature experiences. Not only the Nationalpark but also the coast provides some of the finest birding in the arctic.


There is so much happening in Varanger, from when the light returns in late January to the autumn migration in September / October. The movement of birds is spectacular, and following the life of birds in Varanger is a privilege. The composition of great birding and amazing landscape makes the high tundra of Varanger definitely worth to visit! To find out more about what places to visit and what you can find there, just go to the Key Sites page and have a look!