The Scandinavian and Russian taiga situated in Northern Europe is the largest ecoregion in Europe. Its forest is forest stretching from Pasvik all the way to the Russian Pacific coast. Spruces, pines and birches of varying ages are typical for this biotope.


Finding birds in the vast taiga is a challenge, but still an amazing birding experience. This is where you go to find northern specialities like Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pine Grosbeak, Black Woodpecker, Capercaillie, Hawk Owl and much more. In the taiga you can find thhe most beautiful passerines. As a general rule, the whole area is excellent for birding in summer. Breeding waders are numerous and diverse and from May to June the taiga rings with their display songs. During winter fewer birds are seen in Varanger, however the Pasvik taiga can be spectacular with Grouse species in good numbers. Siberian Tit and Siberian Jay are tough birds, as the survive the polar winter and extremely cold temperatures. In addition to birds, the taiga is also home to many different mammal species, the most spectacular among them is unarguably the Brown Bear.


The best place to discover the taiga in Varanger is down south in the area in and around Pasvik. Find out more about what places you can visit in Varanger and what you may find there on the Key Sites page.