Berlevåg is one of the largest fishing villages in Finnmark county. Its harbour is located at the northernmost tip of the Varanger Peninsula and it is one of the most extreme and exposed places you can find in Northern Norway. From September to April both Glaucous and Iceland Gulls can be found here in good numbers. There is no better place to find an Ivory Gull, Ross´s Gull or Sabine´s Gull! Steller´s and King Eider can all occur in the harbour here, as well as Eurasian Otter. Birding at the breakwater or the local airport can also be very productive. All four species of skua can be seen migrating along the coast in May, but the Pomarine Skua migration is perhaps the most impressive, with several hundreds passing coastal watchpoints on good days, bound for the Russian tundra. In the fields past the airport you will find a reliable place for Red-throated Pipits and good places for Shorelarks. The nearby river delta is always good for Temminck's Stint. Storelvdeltaet is a river delta in the outer harbour, as you enter Berlevåg town. It always has great numbers of gulls in it, but it is also a good place to look for waders. Staying at the Berlevåg Camping is recommended.