Bird cliff Syltesfjordstauran

Going further north from Gednje you reach Syltefjord, which can only be accessed during summer, when the road is opened. The main attraction here is the seabird colony of Syltefjordstauran, a steep cliff face. It holds one of the northernmost colonies of Northern Gannet in the world and one of Norway´s largest colonies of Kittiwakes (approx. 140.000 pairs). Common and Brünnich´s Guillemots, Razorbills and Atlantic Puffins also breed in this colony (but are not so easily observed). White-tailed Eagles patrol the Syltefjord cliff attracted by the breeding seabirds. They can be easily seen in this area, where they fish in the fjord or hunt birds in the cliff. Find out more about the activities of Syltefjord, including birdwatching and sightseeing, on the Arctic Tourist Homepage.


Båtsfjord is a fishing village and is one of the biggest fishing ports in Finnmark county with thousands of boat arrivals each year. Fish processing is also a big industry here, and the activity here attracts many gulls and seaducks. The Barent Sea is one of the most fish rich areas in the world. When the fishing is good, the birding is good. In winter and spring the river delta is a reliable place for gulls, with Glaucous Gulls bathing and feeding in good numbers alongside lesser numbers of Iceland Gulls. Båtsfjord is in biring terms most famous for the good numbers of King Eiders that gather in their hundreds here alongside flocks of Common and Steller´s Eiders and Long-tailed Ducks. This spectacle is present from February-April. Båtsfjord is the best place to see King Eiders up close in Varanger, possibly the whole world. The floating photohides in the harbour offer a unique wildlife experience. These hides present low-level, intimate views of Common, King and Steller's Eider as well as Long-tailed Ducks.

Read more about the Biotope-designed floating photohide on the Biotope website. The hide owner and operator is Ørjan Hansen of Arctic Toruist. A couple of accommodation options are available, but staying at the Polar Hotel is the favoured option by most visitors.


Floating photohide in Båtsfjord in February